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Afghanistan Hillshade (English)

Grey hillshades, roads, & borders with English labels

This is an Afghanistan tileset featuring a light grey hillshade background, international borders, provincial and district borders of Afghanistan, roads, and labels in English for countries, provinces, and district centers.

Features & Data source overview

National-level borders for surrounding countries are from Natural Earth. The border for Afghanistan itself is from AGCHO.

Country labels for Afghanistan and its surrounding countries are a custom data set created by Development Seed based on data from Wikipedia.

Provinces & districts of Afghanistan are from AGCHO, as are the district administrative centers.

Roads of Afghanistan, rendered as orange lines, are from AGCHO and included as a general illustration of the nation's major infrastructure (not for navigational purposes). The map also includes airports and airfields provided by iMMAP

Hillshades are rendered from CGIAR's SRTM digital elevation model dataset. Elevation contour lines which appear at higher zoomlevels were also generated from this source.

Water bodies, including oceans, are from OpenStreetMap. Additional lakes, as well as rivers and streams are included from AGCHO.