Afghanistan Election Data

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Tools & Documentation

The tools and technical documentation section is designed to help technical users integrate these map tiles and data sets into their own applications.

Using these maps on your site:

All the Afghanistan map tiles are hosted free of charge by MapBox. You can use these live on your website or download the tiles and run these on Maps on a Stick. If you want to learn how to add tiles to your site, read "Using these tiles with OpenLayers" or "Adding Map tiles to Google Maps".

Offline Mapping with Maps on a Stick

You can also take these map with you offline, using Maps on a Stick, a mapping tool that lets you access map and mash them up with information. Maps on a Stick runs on either a USB drive or directly from a hard drive and allows you to browse custom baselayer maps and add KML overlays to them without connecting to the internet. Read the step by step walk though here.

If you have trouble integrating these maps on your site, please email us at [email protected].