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Election Fraud (600+ votes)

On September 8, declaring that it had found ‘clear and convincing evidence of fraud’, the Election Complaints Commission (ECC) ordered the Independent Election Commission to conduct an audit and recount of polling stations nationwide that had vote totals equal to or greater than 600, or that had returns with any presidential candidate receiving 95 percent or more of the total valid votes cast, provided that more than 100 votes had been cast at the station. More than 3,300 polling stations and over 1.5 million ballots came under this order. Given the findings of the audit and the electoral complaints process, 19 percent of all votes cast on August 20 were excluded from the final presidential vote tally.

This map shows the density of polling stations per district with over 600 votes per station. Election irregularities were most pronounced in the south, southeast and east. Pockets in the north and west were also highlighted as having unusual polling activity and suspicious returns.