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Maps on a Stick

Maps on a Stick is a simple data visualization tool that lets you view maps and geographic data while you're offline or in low bandwidth environments. The application runs on either a USB drive or directly from a hard drive.

Maps on a Stick in Afghanistan

Downloading Maps on a Stick

Download: Packaged Maps on a Stick which includes starter data from [243MB zip].

How this works:

Maps on a Stick runs on both Windows and OS X. After you have downloaded and unzipped the package, open the folder for your OS and double-click on "Start MapBox"

On Windows, the application will launch a start screen (it will look like a terminal), which will then opens your default browser. The application runs MUCH faster on a modern browser, such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. To use it, open the Windows folder and double-click on Firefox.exe. Then type the following URL into the address bar:

Again, if you have issue in Windows, just type this in your browser:

There are three ways to explore the map:

  • Double-click to zoom in
  • Click and drag to pan
  • Use the controls at the top left

On the left sidebar you will see a list of data that was pre-loaded with the application.

There are four different Afghanistan "base layers." You can switch between base layers but you can only have one base layer active at a time. There is also a set of "data layers" that you can toggle on and off. You can have multiple data layers on at the same time. There are several KML files that contain dots, as well as some choropleth (shaded polygons) maps.

Adding new data

To add additional maps or data to the application, just copy KML or .mbtiles files into the main "Maps" folder.


Downloading other Afghanistan maps:

This version of Maps on a Stick that you can download comes with four base tile sets. To add other maps (both base layers and overlays) of Afghanistan visit the following URL:

.mbtiles files are available for download from each maptile page.

Downloading additional Afghanistan data:

To browse additional Afghanistan Election data sets already in KML that can be viewed on Maps on a Stick, visit the following URL:

Maps on a Stick is open source

Maps on a Stick is a project of MapBox and Development Seed. The code is all open source, licensed under BSD. You can access the code and file bug reports (or patches) at the following URL:


Here our some of our short term build priorities, which we hope to develop in the Fall of 2010.

  • Add support for captions on the maps; this specifically targets chloropleth overlays, like ethnicity data.
  • Clean up the Windows file structure; right now there are a lot of tiles to sift thought to find the "Start MapBox.bat"
  • Allow users to change colors of KML dots